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A miscellany of our favourite things about Ireland - the people, the places, the food, the history, the good craic, the scenery, the music, the artists...

What a wonderful place! There's so much to celebrate. With contributions from all My Ireland Tour team members, this blog is really just a melting pot of our appreciation for our beloved home, Ireland. If you see something you like, don't forget to share it with your friends, followers and co-conspirators.

Historic Photos of Ireland, Then and Now

Ireland Then and Now

Historical Photographs of Cork City Recreated Today

The Irish National Archive recently released an extensive collection of iconic images from around Ireland. The images were so striking, so vivid and so full of rich story-telling that we could resist going out and adding our own epilogue to the amazing tale they tell. Matching the location precisely to the original images, we set about recreating the same iconic Cork scenes.


Dancing at St Patrick's Day Parade

17 Unbelievable Images which capture what St Patrick's Day is all about

Photographs of St Paddy's from around the world

More than a national holiday, St Patrick's Day is a global event. No matter what your background or your nationality, St Paddy's is a opportunity for everyone to come together in a shared sense of good craic. Every nationality likes to have fun! This is how they express it on 17 March...


Undiscovered Ireland : Travel Stories

Our own travel stories from some of Ireland's less well-known attractions

There is so much to discover in Ireland. It doesn't matter if you've been to Ireland before, or even lived here all your life like we have, there is still so much out there just waiting to be found and explored. These our some of our own most recent travel adventures.

Ireland Travel Guide

An Insider's Guide to Ireland's best-loved destinations and its best-kept Secrets

An online pocket guide to Ireland's very best tourist destinations. Where to go for the best days out, the best hotels, even the best pint of Guinness.

Ireland Re-imagined

Ireland's Best Travel Photographers : Award-winning Professionals and Upcoming Talents

Interviews with some of Ireland's very best travel photographers, revealings their stories, their passions and their favourite photography tips.

Celtic Wedding Rings

The Insider's Guide to getting Married in Ireland

From religion and residency to bands and bouquets...

A wedding abroad is a dream come true for many couples, and where better than Ireland with all its passion and poetry? The wild, untamed landscapes of Ireland's alluring coastlines make this the perfect destination for an unforgettably romantic occasion, for you and for your guests. Our insider's guide will steer you through all the key considerations, from organising your paperwork to booking your wedding photographer. Read more...

Hiking in Ireland

Irish Sports and Activities

From camogie to coasteering : getting outdoors in Ireland

Ireland is famed for many things, but two things certainly stand out: the legendary landscapes and a real passion for sport. So, when you come to Ireland, you really have to get outdoors. Ireland has many of its own sports which aren't always well known or fully understood abroad. Where is Croke Park and why is it so important in Ireland? IS it really true that Irish sportsmen and -women don't get paid?