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The famous cone-shaped Croagh Patrick Mountain
The famous cone-shaped Croagh Patrick Mountain The Cliffs of Moher Music festival in Kerry Lighthouse in Hook Head St James' Gate, Dublin. Kylemore Abbey, one of Ireland's most romantic buildings and a must-see for anyone who tours Ireland My Ireland Tour Coach

10 Images You Can Only See in Ireland

My Ireland Tour

A selected collection of 10 photographs taken from various locations in Ireland ranging from iconic scenes to just plain stunning images.

1: Kylemore Abbey

It was founded on the grounds of castle during World War One by Benedictine Nuns after they fled Belgium during World War 1. The abbey opened its doors to the public with escorted tours since the 1970s.

This historical sight is one of the stops on "Deluxe Irish Castle" Escorted Tour.

Kylemore Abbey.

2: Mystical Horse

A mare, alone in the field, in the West of Ireland. A common site throughout the countryside, and marvelously exhibits the islands organic beauty

Mystical Horse.

3: Giant's Causeway

A natural phenomenon caused by an ancient volcanic eruption, it is the subject of Irish legend whereby the causeway was constructed by a giant named Fionn mac Cumhaill.

Guests have the opportunity to witness the natural wonder on our "Iconic Northern Ireland" Tour deputising in 2016.

Giant's Causeway.

4: Rock of Cashel

Known as Carrig Phádrig in Irish, Rock of Cashel is located in co. Tipperary. At sunset the site emerges even more stunning.

A feature on both "Iconic Scenes of Ireland" Tour and "Deluxe Irish Castle" Escorted Tour.

Rock of Cashel.

5: River Shannon

Is the longest river in Ireland. Part of Irish mythology, where Foinn caught the salmon of knowledge.

The majestic waterway is incoporated into our "Irish Castles and Back Roads Tour and "Deluxe Irish Castle" Escorted Tour.

River Shannon.

6: Dog on Donkey

This adorable gimmick can be witnessed in Galway city year round. Their status has propelled them into national culture.

Dog on Donkey.

7: Ring of Kerry

A circular tourist route which bypasses major attractions across the county. In this particular image, the distinguished Skellig Michael island can be seen in the background, with typical Irish cattle grazing.

The vibrant nature of the Ring of Kerry can be experienced on the "Iconic Scenes of Ireland" Tour and "Deluxe Irish Castle" Escorted Tour.

Ring of Kerry.

8: Burren

A popular geographical location for visitors. The karst terrain is contructed of mainly limestone pavements. Burren National Park is the smallest national park (of six) in the country.

The attraction features in three of our tours:

1:"Iconic Scenes of Ireland" Tour,

2: "Irish Castles and Back Roads Tour,

3: Ancient Ireland Mini-Group Tour.


9: Malahaide Castle

Has a rich militarian history. Famous historical figures from Henry II to Oliver Cromwell have cited the castles importance in trying to gain a foothold in Ireland.

Malahide Castle.

10: Hill of Tara

An archaeological complex cited in Irish folklore as the seat of the High King of Ireland. The landmark is also mentioned as a scared place in mythology, and functions as a gateway to the underworld and a residence for gods. The iconic artefact hosts thousands of tourists every year.

The Hill of Tara is part of the itinery for the "Deluxe Irish Castle" Escorted Tour. Hill of Tara

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