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Enda Cavanagh is an Irish architectural and fine art landscape photographer based in Dublin.

Enda Cavanagh Interview

How did you get into photography?

I got a present of a compact camera when I was about 14 and I was smitten straight away. I saved up after working on a fishing boat when I was 15 and bought my first basic canon slr and I've been taking photos ever since.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a 39 megapixel Hasselblad medium format digital camera back, which is used in conjunction with an Arca Swiss RL3D view camera. I use hand made Schneider and Rodenstock lenses with that system. I recently added to my system and bought a Canon EOS Mark iii and a Sony A7r with a Canon 17 and 24 Mark ii TS lenses plus the Sigma 35mm Art and the Canon 70-200 Mark ii lenses.

What are the ingredients for success within landscape photography?

You have to have you own voice and be willing to be different and not just copy everyone else. I try for better or for worse to shoot in my own style and people seem to like what I do.

Where in Ireland is your favourite place to shoot?

The South West of Ireland, especially Kerry and West Cork.

What do you think makes Ireland such a popular place to shoot landscape photography?

The changeable and often dramatic weather. The stunningly beautiful, often unique and varied landscape and the ability to get away from the crowd despite it’s small size, made possible by its relatively small population.

See Enda's work on his website: endacavanagh.com
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