Killarney National Park, County Kerry Killarney National Park, County Kerry

Ireland Re-imagined by Irish Photographers

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Here at My Ireland Tour we love every aspect of the Irish landscape. From Kenmare Bay to The Giants Causeway, and everything in between, Ireland is filled with the most eye catching and unique landscapes in the world. During our time travelling Ireland and researching photos of Ireland we have met some amazing photographers.

Their love of photography is matched only by their love of Ireland. They are the people who can really bring justice to the amazing landscapes Ireland has to offer. Sometimes they wait for hours in one location so that the sunlight is just right for a certain shot. See how many of these landscapes you can spot on a your Ireland vacation.

Their passion for their subject, Ireland, really shines through in their work and My Ireland Tour are very proud to be able to introduce you to some of our favorite photographers from around the country.

Ricky Parker Northern Irish Landscape Photographer

Glenn Miles Northern Irish Landscape Photographer

Celso Barriga Irish Landscape Photographer

Brian Curran Northern Irish Landscape Photographer

Irish pub and music Irish pub and music

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Gareth McCormack Irish Landscape Photographer

Chris Hill Irish Landscape Photographer

John Hall Irish Landscape Photographer

Patrick Donald Irish Landscape Photographer

Eimhear Collins Irish Landscape Photographer

Ronan Harding Downes Irish Landscape Photographer

Enda Cavanagh Irish Landscape Photographer

Tyler Collins Northern Ireland Landscape Photographer

Steven Hanna Northern Ireland Photographer

Derek Smyth Northern Ireland Landscape Photographer

Other Photographers

Nigel Jamison is a landscape photographer based in County Down. His work has won the 'Coastal/Seascape' category in Ulster Wildlife's 'Living Seas' photographic competition in 2013 and again in 2014. His portfolio of work spans across the whole island of Ireland as well as Italy and The United States.

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