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John Hall is a photographer from County Cork, he has been taking photos of the Irish landscape for over 30 years. John mainly takes pictures of the Irish south and west coasts but enjoys shooting anywhere in Ireland.

John Hall Interview

How did you get into photography?

I bought a basic camera (secondhand) in 1984, took it on holidays a few weeks later & was hooked. Thirty years later, the passion is as strong as ever!

What equipment do you use?

Since going digital a number of years ago I use Canon equipment - two 5D bodies, lenses from 16mm to 300mm & an array of Neutral Density filters to balance sky and foreground.

What are the ingredients for success within landscape photography?

Lots of patience, a good eye for composition and an understanding of weather conditions and its impact on light...

Where in Ireland is your favourite place to shoot?

Anywhere on the West coast but especially Achill Island, Co. Mayo. Magnificent scenery, magical Atlantic light, friendly natives and a great pint of Guinness at the end of a hard days photography!

What do you think makes Ireland such a popular place to shoot landscape photography?

After you get a short distance beyond the obvious tourist locations, there are vast areas of unspoilt wilderness where it's possible to wander around with a camera. Try to shoot early morning or towards evening when the light is at its best. I see so many amateurs shooting in bad (or no) light & they are invariably disappointed with their results. If they had waited a few minutes for the clouds to break and the light to hit the scene, their photographs would be so much better!

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