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Patrick began in the world of Photography in 1996 and has now established his own gallery in the heart of Dublin, Dawson St. The Patrick Donald Photography Gallery. Focusing mainly on the Irish landscape he uses the medium of black and white photography to great effect, as well as many street scenes of Dublin and Pubs.

Patrick Donald Interview

How did you get into photography?

I was lucky enough to pick up a photography book in a library in Dublin by Ansel Adams, I was struck by his images and decided to see if I could do something similar.

What equipment do you use?

I am using Nikon equipment, D800 at the moment..

What are the ingredients for success within landscape photography?

Patience and an eye for what works well aesthetically and maybe even try going somewhere of natural beauty like the west of Ireland.

Where in Ireland is your favourite place to shoot?

Kerry is a great place in Ireland to make photographs, it is an area of superb natural beauty that lends itself to landscape work.

What do you think makes Ireland such a popular place to shoot landscape photography?

Ireland has a varied landscape particularly across the west which means that there is plenty of opportunities to compose beautiful images. A rugged and texture filled coastline is an ideal place to take pictures and that is what Ireland has an abundance of. The changeable lighting conditions due to interesting cloud formations that happen here can be very special and ideal for dramatic landscape work. Our unblemished landscape particularly in areas like Donegal also help not to distract the viewer.

See more of Patrick's work of Ireland by visiting his website:

Wild Atlantic Way Exhibition, an Interview by Rachel Gallagher

Why have you chosen Wild Atlantic Way for your theme for this years Photo Ireland festival?

I am inspired by the landscape and people of Ireland, in particular along the West coast of Ireland. Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic in a very unique way that exposes the natural beauty of the landscape. The Wild Atlantic way is a wonderfully rugged coastline that is full of drama, texture and richness and is uniquely set against the vast expanse of the Atlantic.

How does this work compare/contract with your work in the past and other festival exhibitions?

Whether it is street photography of Rajasthan India or landscapes of the West of Ireland my main focus is to make each individual image stand up on its own in a frame - as an aesthetic piece of art I suppose - and in doing this may go some way as to strike a chord around our human existence in a positive and real way.

What aspects of the shot are important to you when trying to capture the essence of any landscape?

Firstly you need to find the scene that you know will produce a powerful image. After that is about the balance of light and composition to render the emotion in the scene. Getting the emotion in the image right is very important to me.

What makes Irish landscape distinct from others and how do you try to capture that in your photography?

The light here in Ireland is generally changeable which I think lends itself to creating striking viewpoints of a scene. I experiment with this a lot when preparing a scene.

Irish pub and music Irish pub and music

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