Cork City Gaol, Cork City

City Cork Gaol, Cork City.

Located in the Sunday's Well area of Cork City, Cork City Gaol is currently a museum and visitor attraction. Visitors can step back in time and witness what life would have been like for both prisoners and guards of Ireland's most famous gaol. Open 1824 to replace the old Gaol of Northgate Bridge it soon became seen as marvel of architecture and a feat in logistics for its time.

In it's hayday of the 19th and early 20th Centauries Cork City Gaol was home to some of Ireland's most notorious prisoners. During the early 1800's the gaol's walls housed many temporary prisoners before they were taken to convict ships bound for Australia. Later in the same century the gaol's guests included Young Irelanders Derry Lane, Terence Bellew McManus and Ralph & Isaac Varian. In the 20th century it's most famous prisoners included Fenians James Mountaine and Brian Dillion and revolutionary nationalist Countess Markievicz.

Inside the Gaol

Today the gaol has been redesigned as a visitor centre, refurbishing the cells as they would have been hundreds of years ago. Original scrawlings on the walls of the cells added with eerily realistic wax figures of both guards and prisoners give the whole experience a very voyeuristic feel.

An inspirate journey in time

There is also a brilliant audio-visual presentation available in over 13 languages detailing the socio-economic structure of Ireland at the time and showing why some of its people felt the need to turn to crime.

Cork City visitor centre also has other fantastic facilities such as a Souvenir Shop, Tourist Information, Picnic Area and a Cafe.

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