English Market, Cork City

Jameson Distillery, County Cork.

The English Market is a food market which connects Princes Steet and The Grand Parade in Cork City. It has been in it's present location, in one form or another, since 1788. The name 'The English Market' was thought up in the 19th Century to differentiate it from The Irish Market (currently the Bodega on Cornmarket Street). From 1788 until 1980 the interior of the market changed very little. A fire on 19 June 1980 saw the Cork City Council undertake an extensive refurbishment of the property.

The Heart of Cork City

Today the market is a focal point for Cork's shoppers. The diversity of its products, friendliness of its traders and its overall aesthetic beauty ensure both locals and visitors to the Cork City flock to it's stall on a daily basis. Queen Elizabeth II, on her 2011 Tour of Ireland, made sure to drop by The English Market to take a look around.

Experience the Variety

The massive selection of produce available means that a whole day could easily be spent browsing the stalls. You can find endless varieties of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herb and spices, oils, chocolates, sushi, cakes, bread, cheese, pasta...even t-shirts, art, wine and crockery.

Breaks from the shopping can also be enjoyed in the market's cafes. The ready to eat hot dogs, from one of the many butchers, are also an unmissable treat. So if you are in Cork and are looking for the best quality food, exotics produce or simply going for a stroll, a visit to The English Market is essential.

One amazing treat that we came across was in The English Market was The Chocolate Shop. A delightful one stop shop for the finest chocolates found throughout Europe. They are completely independent and are not tied down to any particular manufacturer. They only stock chocolate that passes their standard... and wow, it's quite a standard. A must for any chocolate lover in Cork City. Visit their Website here.

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