Franciscan Brewery, Cork City.

Patio of Franciscan Brewery, Cork City.

The Franciscan Well Brewery was founded in 1998 by Shane Long. It was built on the site of an old Franciscan Monastery. It is said that the well within this monastery had was given to curing the aliments of those who drank from it. People would come from across Ireland to make use of its miraculous powers.

Brewers operating from the well today still harness its unique output while adding modern technology and techniques learned from across Europe. It is currently Ireland Number 1 Craft Brewery. The Franciscan Well have collaborated with fellow drink makers Jameson Whiskey to create a truly Corkonian beverage a Jameson-Aged Stout.

The brewery is where new drink ideas are formed and if they pass the brewers standards they are then served up at the Brew Pub in Cork City. If they are successful here they are further afield.

The Brew Pub

The Brew Pub, located within the original brewery on Cork City's North Mall, is currently on of the city's hotspots. It's a modern pub with an historical twist. The original brewing Vat sits in the middle of the beer garden and alongside a huge pizza oven. The latest creations from the brewery are tested by the clientele and if the weather holds out entire evenings can be spent arguing about the best pizza and beer combination.

The inside of the pub, built on the burial ground of the old monastery , is also a fantastic spot to sample some of Cork's finest delights long as you don't mind the occasional ghost.

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