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Religious points of interest in Northern Ireland

Two decades of peace in Northern Ireland have allowed visitors to focus on the true significance of the Province's diverse religious institutions, monuments and traditions. Although there are perhaps fewer ancient sites this far north, it is arguably here that you will find the greatest variation in religious sites. Here, you will find many Anglican and Presbyterian churches, as well as Roman Catholic places of worship.

This page details some of Northern Ireland's most noteworthy religious destinations.

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Churches and Cathedrals

St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, Northern Ireland

St Anne's Cathedral

St Peter's Cathedral, Belfast, Northern Ireland

St Peter's Cathedral

All Saints Church of Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland

All Saints Church of Ireland

St. Columba's Church, County Derry, Northern Ireland

St. Columba's Church

First Derry Presbyterian Church, County Derry, Northern Ireland

First Derry Presbyterian Church

Monastic Sites

Nendrum Monastery, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Nendrum Monastery

Grey Abbey, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Grey Abbey

Celtic Crosses

Ardboe High Cross, Co. Tyrone


Dating from the 10th Century, the Ardboe High Cross stands at the entrance to the ruins of a monastery that was built in 6th Century. The monastery, which was founded by St Colman, burnt down 12t century. The cross, standing at 5.6 m, 18.5ft, is Northern Ireland's tallest cross and Ireland's 3rd tallest. It is the only cross of its kind to remain intact and original in Northern Ireland, although part of the top section has eroded over the years.

Thin Places

 Boa Island, Caldragh Cemetery, Co. Fermanagh

Boa Island - Caldragh Cemetery

Dating back to the Irish early Christian period (from 400–800 AD), Caldragh graveyard features two unrelated anthropomorphic carved stone statues. The first of which has two faces and is thought to represent a Celtic deity. The second, smaller figure, was actually found south of Boa Island, in Lough Erne, and was placed next to the similar looking figure in 1939.

Other Religious Destinations throughout Ireland

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