34 Seater Exterior at Doolough, County Mayo, on one of our Ireland Tours

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Coaches, Mini-buses and other tour vehicles

Our Tour Vehicles

We believe that the journey of a lifetime is about more than just the destination. That's why we exclusively use industry-leading, purpose-designed tour buses offering the very best in comfort and safety.

For large groups, we use luxurious tour buses complete with all the facilities and comforts you would expect, including WC and onboard fridge. Guests on our mini-group tours (max. eight people) enjoy the first-class finish of our Mercedes mini-coaches.

More space for you

On our small group tours for max 26 guests, we deliberately leave seats empty on the coach. That's right: in a coach designed for 34 guests, we limit the group size to a strict maximum of 26. With eight empty seats, you have more space to spread out and enjoy the ride. Of course, it also means less queuing at the hotels and a better view of the tour attractions!

Our Tour Buses (Scheduled and Private tours) For up to 26 guests

On a tour vacation, the journey can be just as important as the destination. That's why our tour buses are all of the highest standards, both in terms of luxury and reliability.

We deliberately leave some seats empty. In fact, we use 34-seater coaches, but limit the number of participants to 26. That's because we want all of our guests to be able to spread out, relax and enjoy the journey. This smaller group size is a core principle in our tours.

Please note: the bus shown in the gallery below is one of the 34-seater coaches used on our tours for max. 26 guests. For any reason, should one of these become unavailable for your tour, we will endeavour to provide an equally luxurious and comfortable touring bus.

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Our Mini-Coaches (Scheduled and Private tours) For up to 8 guests

Sometimes, the journey is just as important as the destination. On our mini-group tours, we invite you to take a front-row seat on your journey, enjoying safety, luxury and the best possible view as you travel.

For our mini-group tours, we use custom 9-seater Mercedes-Benz mini-coaches. These are executive-class tour vehicles designed specifically for this purpose, combining comfort and safety with a luxurious interior finish. Panoramic tinted windows provide the very best view of the journey and the sights which mark the way. The compact size of these vehicles gives you easier access to your tour destinations compared to larger tour coaches.

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Looking for something a little different?

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