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A proud island nation with five million inhabitants, one hundred thousand welcomes and a song for every occasion. If this is your first time in Ireland, welcome home. Use this online guidebook to plan all aspects of your visit – it covers everything from travel arrangements and accommodation to sourcing the perfect pint of Guinness. Welcome to Ireland, your journey starts here.

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Each region of Ireland has its own character, culture, and dialect. Moving from city to city and region to region, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the richness and variety which Irish culture offers. You will also see significant differences in the landscape and historical architecture, meaning there's lots for tourists to see wherever they go on the island of Ireland.

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Top 10 Day Trips and Attractions

These top attractions are all too good to put in a strict order. So just think of them as ten of the best. The ten attractions and destinations that you won't want to miss.

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Irish Culture

A nation of poets, playwrights, thinkers, and creators. See the homes and landscapes that inspired the likes of Swift, Wilde, Yeats, Joyce and Heaney.

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TV & Film

You've seen them on the big screen. Now experience Ireland's landscapes for yourself, visiting the sets of Game of Thrones, Star Wars and other classics.

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Castles & History

An ancient world awaits you. From within the stones of Ireland's ancient castles and monuments, the legends of ages past will reveal themselves to you.

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Outdoor Pursuits

Don't forget your camera as you head outdoors in Ireland. Some magnificent landscapes await you whether you're walking, cycling, sailing or climbing.

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Island Life

As well as being an Island itself, Ireland is surrounded by smaller islands with tiny populations and fascinating backstories. We're working our way through them!

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Ireland's stunning scenery and breathtaking natural landscape make it a photographer's dream. The urban environments are also very snap-worthy!

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