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Weddings and Honeymoons in Ireland Tying the Knot in the Emerald Isle

Picturesque, passionate and poetic, Ireland is becoming increasingly well-known internationally as an exciting destination for those who are looking for something a bit different for their special day. With its wild western coastline and plenty of luxury Irish castles to choose from, The Emerald Isle is asserting itself strongly as a first-choice destination for anyone who is considering a wedding abroad.

Marriage Laws in Ireland

Unlike certain Caribbean destinations, for example, Ireland does not really have a 'package wedding' industry which will take care of every detail on your behalf. A certain amount of leg-work on your part will be unavoidable.

To be married in Ireland, you must be at least 18 years of age and must not be married already. Also, regardless of nationality or residence, anyone who wishes to marry in Ireland must give at least three months notification to a registrar. If you are not living in Ireland you will need to contact an Irish civil registration service. Please also keep in mind that the couple will need to meet the registrar, in person, at least 5 business days before the ceremony.

  • Marriage Registration Form
    • The registrar will issue you with a Marriage Registration Form, only once they have received/seen:

    • € 200 notification fee
    • Passports, birth certificates for both parties
    • Divorce decrees, civil partnership dissolutions, or death certificates of previous spouse / civil partner (if applicable)
    • Personal Public Service Number (Irish citizens only)
  • Further information

Planning an Irish Wedding

In planning your wedding abroad, you are advised to speak to specialists before making any bookings. You should also keep reading around the subject from as many sources as you can.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and is intended as a guide. We would always recommend that extensive research is undertaken before booking a wedding abroad. Please note that we are not responsible for the content of third-party websites or for the quality of the services they advertise.

Church Weddings in Ireland

The majority of church weddings in the Republic of Ireland are Catholic ceremonies, and this section will focus on those. There is plenty of local variation so, for further information about protestant weddings in Ireland, contact your preferred protestant church.

The golden rule for anyone wishing to get married in an Irish church is to start early and plan ahead. The process can be quite bureaucratic, especially if you are planning from abroad, so get organised and keep on top of the details.

The specifics of how to arrange a church wedding in Ireland can vary significantly from region to region and even church to church, so it is important to make contact with your preferred church as early as possible to find out what may be required in terms of preparation and paperwork. You may be required to meet with the priest well in advance, so be sure to factor this into your plans. The priest is under no obligation to perform or even allow church weddings for individuals who do not live in the local parish.

  • Requirements
    • Requirements for getting married in Ireland:

    • Give notice of the wedding at least three months before the big day.
    • Be a confirmed Catholic (there are exceptions to this rule so ask your priest)
    • Meet with the local Civil Registrar of Marriage to notify them of our intention to marry, and to obtain a obtain a Marriage Registration Form
    • Provide a baptismal certificate, confirmation certificate and a letter of freedom from each parish which you have lived in during your adult life.
    • Complete a marriage preparation course
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Weddings in Castles, Manor Houses and Hotels

Perhaps the second most popular choice of wedding venue in Ireland, after its many churches, is its impressive range of luxury castles and manor houses. Although Ireland remains a deeply religious nation, secular weddings are increasingly popular and civil ceremonies are very common at most hotels, castles and estates throughout Ireland. The same services are also available at local registry offices.

One of the things that make hotels and castles so popular for weddings in Ireland, apart from the amazing backdrops, is the support provided by venues' in-house wedding teams. Working full-time throughout the year to create the perfect wedding for many couples, wedding-team staff will have dealt with it all before and will be able to answer many of your questions, not just relating to the venue but to do with Irish weddings in general.

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