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The rugged coastlines of counties Donegal and Sligo offer a culinary treasure trove of fresh seafood. The restaurants, of the region, incorporate these in imaginable and delicious way. Donegal, especially, is home to numerous Fish and Chip shops, Seafood Restaurants and pubs that specialise in a fish dinner with a pint. This is not too say that all eateries in the North West deal only in fish, far from it. You can still find a large amount meaty classics like bacon and cabbage, roast beef and pork chops in the majority of the region's restaurants.

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There may not be quite the amount of restaurants in the Northwest of Ireland as there is in the other regions but their quality is certainly of the same high standard. Making the most of the fertile land and plentiful supply of fresh fish from its coastline, the Northwest is making a name for itself as a food haven in its own right.

The Red Door Country House Donegal

Cedars Grill Donegal

Hargadons Sligo


Irish Pubs

Similar to the pubs found in the West of Ireland, the pubs of the Northwest still carry with them an atmosphere of yesteryear. They are, in many of the towns and villages, the centre point of the community, a place where the toils of the day past can be discussed, at length, over a pint of stout—or where locals can organise an event that's sure to draw a crowd. Even though the pubs in this region wouldn't be as known for having a large number of 'out-of-towners' visiting them, they are more than happy, and proud, when anyone does.

The Forge Donegal

Leo's Tavern Donegal

Swagman Bar Sligo

Garavogue BarSligo

Donaghy's BarSligo

Traditional Fish and Chips

Donegal, as well as Cork, is the county of Ireland that's most associated with fishing. The number of trawlers and fishing boats bobbing in the fresh, crisp looking sea is just one of the signals that, if you're looking for fish, you've come to the right place. Another is that a UK food company, specialising in fish, decided to call themselves Donegal Catch! It's hard to go wrong when choosing a chipper in Donegal or Sligo and, if you're into fish, it's near on impossible.

Donegal's Famous Chipper Donegal

Little Mac's Chipper Donegal

Happy Eater Sligo

Four LanternsSligo

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