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With all counties of the West of Ireland having coastlines that run along the Atlantic Ocean, it's little wonder that the region is famous for its seafood. Centuries of skill, craft and experience have lead the West of Ireland to where it is today, a seafood Mecca. More modern touches have been added over the years, a pint of Guinness to wash down a bowl of mussels, adding batter to fish and mushy peas and tartar sauce as options—but the great quality of the seafood has remained the same.

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While the West of Ireland is known for its rugged landscape and barren wilderness, there is no shortage of fresh culinary produce coming from its otherwise productive farmland. The West of Ireland is also blessed with a massive coastline connecting it with the Atlantic Ocean which, for centuries, has yielded the people of the West with a bounty of fresh seafood. Galway City, as well as some of the larger towns of the West, is synonymous with a more relaxed way of life. It's perfectly normal to sit outside a café for hours at a time in Galway City and just watch the world go by—provided you buy at least one coffee!

Cava Bodega Galway

Kai Restaurant Galway

An Port Mór Mayo

The Pantry and Corkscrew Mayo

Dromoland Castle Clare

Irish Pubs

A cozy pub, lit only by a crackling fire and some candles, Guinness flowing and traditional music being played by some cheerful looking musicians in the corner. Ok, you're not going to walk into every pub in the West and find this scene but it's the region of Ireland where you'd have the best chance. While other parts of Ireland have turned towards broadcasting live sporting events, an emphasis on brighter more sterile lighting and serving the latest in food trends, the pubs of the West are still keeping the traditions of yesteryear alive, either through inactivity on their part or a stubbornness to change, and can serve as a welcome hideaway from the modern world.

Tig Coili Galway

An Púcán Galway

Bierhaus Galway

Monroe's Galway


Róisín DubhGalway

Dunning's Bar Mayo

Matt Molloy's Mayo

Johnny Burke's Clare

The Half Barrel Clare

Setrights Tavern Clare

Traditional Fish and Chips

You'll find a healthy supply of fish and chip shops in the town and villages of the West. These tend to have the same offerings as everywhere else in Ireland. Fresh cut chips, battered fresh fish as well as burgers, fried chicken and an endless assortment of condiments. Where you'll find the most innovation in the trade, perhaps anywhere in Ireland, is in Galway City. While Galway is home to Ireland's version of McDonald's; Supermac's (the first of which opened in 1978 in Ballinasloe), it has seen an influx of people with a more liberal, eco-friendly view on life over the past 30 years. This has seen Galway become the flagbearer in artisanal, vegan and new-age culinary practices. Falafels, gluten-free pizza, and vegan alternatives have recently been embraced by the majority of the eateries and it makes for an exciting and eye-opening food tour of the city.

Jack Jordans Galway

Cafollas Mayo

Danolla's Mayo

The Ivy Cottage Clare

Monks Clare

Vagabond Clare

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