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Ireland's South East climate is celebrated as being the countries driest, .

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Counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, and Wexford all offer their own unique restaurants and styles of cuisine. But if there is one thing eateries in the 'Sunny Southeast' all have in common it's their excellent use of the fertile land, long coastline and fresh fruit found in the region. Arguably Ireland's best strawberries, potatoes, bread, and cheese comes from the Southeast and for decades restaurants here have been using these finest, freshest of ingredients in their recipes.

Side note: Wexford's strawberries and potatoes are so renowned that you will see roadside stalls across the country, in the summer months, selling them to passers-by. In the case of strawberries, to check their authenticity, ask for a sample before purchasing. As for potatoes, I'm afraid it's pot luck.  

Emiliano's Waterford

The Bay Tree Bistro Waterford

Everett's Restaurant Waterford

Clonganny House Wexford

La Côte Wexford

Chez Hans Tipperary

Bistro 41 Tipperary

Irish Pubs

The pubs of Southeast Ireland are pretty similar to the rest country. With the climate being somewhat warmer than the rest of Ireland, in the summer months it can be a real treat to sit outside a pub and watch the world go by, especially if you're near the coast. The cities of Kilkenny and Waterford are popular destinations for hen and stag parties (i.e. bachelor and bachelorette parties) and a very lively atmosphere can stretch into the small hours of the morning, especially on weekends from May through September. Nightclubs and 'late bars' are the trend here, but old fashioned Irish pubs are still very much the staple throughout the rest of the region.

Phil Grimes Waterford

Timbertoes Waterford

The Gingerman Waterford

Maggie May's Wexford

Jim McGees Wexford

The Mocking Monck Wexford

O'Neill's Tipperary

The Arch Bar Tipperary

TJ Ryan Tipperary

Traditional Fish and Chips

When you mix the best potatoes in Ireland with a huge coastline you'll come across, arguably, some of the highest quality 'chipper grub' in Ireland. As a starting point, you're safest bet is to head into the larger towns and cities below to find the local chipper (most of which are listed below, with the Premier having been a personal childhood favourite during my summer holidays in Wexford, having tried it again recently I'm happy to report that it is still amazing). However, during the summer you can find mobile fish and chip shops near the beaches of counties Waterford and Wexford that can, potentially, serve the freshest fish and the tastiest chips.

Ballybricken Take-Away Waterford

Johnnie Walkers Traditional Fish & Chips Waterford

Premier Wexford

Mangans Traditional Fish & Chips Wexford

Saltee Chipper Wexford

Aarons Takeaway Tipperary

The Lantern Takeaway Tipperary

The Village Grill Tipperary

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