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Although the South East doesn't stand out as being a cultural hotspot of Ireland, there's plenty of cultural attractions beneath the surface. The only obvious cultural touchstone of the region is Ireland's National Opera House, located in County Wexford. Playing host today to not only classical opera but also contemporary international music acts. There are numerous art galleries and libraries found throughout counties Wexford, Waterford and Kilkenny but they, like much of their contents, are more hidden gems than standout landmarks.

Cultural Tourist Attractions

Literary Points of Interest

One of Ireland's most celebrated poets of the 20th century, Seán Dunne, was born in Waterford in 1956. He wrote, like many Irish poets of his time, about the emptiness and struggles found in daily life, while somehow creating optimism and hope through his meticulous prose. His poems and novels, as well as works from Southeast authors past and present, can be found in the libraries listed below.

Carlow County Library Carlow

  • +353 (059) 912 9705
  • carlowlibraries.ie
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Tullow St, Co. Carlow
  • Open daily at 9.45a.m to 5.30p.m (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Until 7.30p.m (Tuesday & Thursday). Until 1p.m (Saturday). (Closed Sunday).

Thurles Library Tipperary

Wexford Town Library Wexford

  • +353 (053) 919 6760
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Ferrybank South, Co.Wexford
  • Open 10.30a.m Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday until 5:30pm
  • Open 10.30a.m Tuesday & Thursday until 9pm. (Closed Sunday)

Lismore County Library Waterford

Art Galleries & Installations

The cities of Waterford and Kilkenny, and to a lesser degree Wexford town, are the best places to travel to if you're looking for art galleries in the Southeast of Ireland.

National Design & Craft Gallery Kilkenny

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art Waterford

  • +353 (0) 87 196 1923
  • Webpage
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Lombard St, Co. Waterford
  • Open Wednesday to Saturday 12.30a.m to 5.30p.m. (Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)

Garter Lane Arts Centre Waterford

The Rogue Waterford

Greyfriars Municipal Gallery Waterford

The Pádraig Grant Gallery Wexford

Wexford Arts Centre Wexford

The Denis Collins Gallery Wexford

The Blue Egg Gallery Wexford

Greenacres Wexford

The Gaslamp Gallery Wexford

Music & Concert Venues

While Wexford is home to the National Opera House outside of that, the music venues in the Southeast are of pretty limited capacity. There are small theatres and townhalls found in the larger towns of the region, usually showcasing local acts.

The Hub Kilkenny

Theatre Royal Waterford

Central Arts Waterford

National Opera House Wexford

Crown Live Wexford

Dun Mhuire Theatre Wexford

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