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The quality and variety of food in Dublin City is amazing. It's the perfect city to wander around and find a little gem of an eatery. And it would be rude not to head to a real Irish pub after to wash the meal down with a pint or two of the black stuff. If you're a little more strapped for time and want to get right into the action, here's a list of our favourite Dublin food & drink hotspots.

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Dublin restaurants, over the two decades, have become recognised as some of the finest and most varied in any corner of the world. New 'trending' food spots seem to open every other week in the city centre, but, at its core, Dublin City has a number of restaurants that have stood the test of time.

Perhaps it's the move away from the more traditional dishes of the 1980s and 1990s, where your options were pretty much roast beef or lamb, salmon and occasionally lasagne, to a more diverse and international persuasion that has helped the Dublin restaurant scene flourish since the start of the century. Most Dublin City streets now feature a multitude of international restaurants, from Japanese to Nepalese and from Russian to Nigerian.

Bunsen Burger, in Temple Bar, gets a special mention here. It's a burger joint and a sit-down restaurant, and at the same time, it's neither. The menu is so small that it could fit on a business card, or rather, it is a business card. Your options are burgers and chips. Because the chefs are left to specialise in just these two items, they are near perfection. Insider tip: The meat patties are so thick (and juicy!) that a double burger is almost unholdable. The single is huge on its own. If needs must, order two singles... or a lot of napkins!

Chapter One Dublin

Dax Restaurant Dublin

The Sussex Dublin

Luna Dublin

Bunsen BurgerTemple Bar

Banyi Japanese DiningTemple Bar

Kathmandu KitchenDublin City

Admiral RestaurantDublin City

Admiral RestaurantDublin City

Akanchawa's Honey PotDublin City

Irish Pubs

Across Ireland, you'll notice that the small town dotted throughout might have a mixture of the following; a post office, a church, a chipper or a book-makers. You may also notice that every small town in Ireland will most certainly have one of the following; a pub!

Dublin City is like this on a grander scale. Everywhere you turn there is a pub greeting you. County Dublin has 772 pubs, that's one pub for every 1,695 people. In Dublin City Centre a large number of pubs are now aiming at the tourist market. Some of them have gone so over the top with the Irish charm that they no longer resemble the Irish pubs they are trying to replicate. With that said, Dublin City still has some of the most authentic and interesting pubs in Ireland. And, being the home of Guinness, you could argue that you won't find a better 'glass of porter' anywhere else in in the world.

The Long Hall Dublin

Finnegan's of Dalkey Dublin

Toners Dublin


The Cobblestone Dublin

The Bankers Dublin

Dice Bar Dublin

Mulligan's Dublin

The Long Hall Dublin

Grogan's Dublin

Kehoes Pub Dublin

Traditional Fish and Chips

With its large number of pubs, activities, and visitors, it's of little surprise that the ultimate convenience food 'fish & chips' is a favourite across Dublin City. There are institutions of the genre (Leo Burdock has been running since 1913), gourmet varieties (Fish Shop in Smithfield) and places so popular that they have spawned chains across the city (Beshoff Bros, Teo's, Leo Burdock, etc).

They all serve essentially the same thing, fish in batter and thick, golden chips. You can cover these in the condiments of your choice. The most popular being salt and vinegar, but there's also mushy peas, tartar sauce, lemon juice, curry sauce, gravy, etc. While the offerings are pretty much the same, the best chipper in Dublin is a matter of personal taste and local pride.

This is our list of the most well known fish and chip shops in Dublin. It is by no means exhaustive, and you really can't go wrong with any similar establishments that you might find across Dublin.

Top tip: If you're ordering in Leo Burdock, ask for 'crispy bits'. These are the little flakes of chips that pile up at the end of the chip pan. Most places throw them out. At Leo Burdock they will sprinkle them over your fish and chips, but only if you ask. A delicious, crunchy extra that you never knew you needed! 'Crispy bits' are of limited supply, so please don't tell anyone else.

Macari's Dublin

Leo Burdock Dublin

The Little Chip Dublin

Borza's Dublin

The Golden Chip Dublin

Presto Chipper Beggars Bush

Teo's Cabra, Dublin City

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