Old photo of Irish family Old photo of Irish family

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Ireland Then and Now

Zoom in on Ireland's rich history as it is relived in images past and present.

We came across these images of historic Ireland and were captivated by the stories they tell and by how much they reveal about life in Ireland over the past 150 years. While much has changed in that time, a surprising amount has remained the same. Intrigued and inspired, we headed out to take our own photos, capturing what these same Irish scenes look like today. Fashion and architecture, modes of transport and advertising, all have changed drastically over the past century and a half. But perhaps most fascinating are the details which have not changed; the buildings, businesses and landmarks which Irish people walk past every day, and the little human touches which make Ireland what it was then and what it is now.

Ireland Then and Now is a living history of Ireland, presented by My Ireland Tour. The historical images used have no known copyright and are used with thanks and due credit to the Irish National Archive and their online community. Modern day images of Cork are copyright My Ireland Tour 2016.

Ireland Then and Now in Photos

Ireland Then & Now Locations

Old Photo of Cork's City Hall,Cork City, Ireland


Ireland's rich history told in pictures, past and present. Iconic photographs of Cork, Ireland. Magnify and compare with images of Cork as it is today:

Old Photo of Donegal Town


A guided tour through the history of Donegal in images. Zoom in and take an up-close look using a magnifier tool which puts historic Donegal under the microscope.

Donegal Then & Now
Old Photo of Wexford Family, Ireland


A then-and-now guided comparison of Wexford through images. Take an up-close look using the microscope at Wexford as it was in a bygone era.

Wexford Then & Now
Old Photo Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland


See Tipperary under the microscope compared with how it looks today in this interactive look at the streets of Tipperary both then & now.

Tipperary Then & Now

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