Tipperary Then and Now

Zoom in on Tipperary with a tour through Ireland's past

Tipperary is known as Ireland's Premier County. Its foundations were built on what is widely regarded to be the most fertile land in Ireland. This piece looks at how the people of Tipperary developed those foundation, not in dates and statistics, but through pictures of their recent history. Take a look at how some areas have transformed over time and at the lives of it's people - Then and Now.
Vintage photographs of Tipperary - Zoom in and take a closer look.

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Main Street, Cashel (ca. 1884-1900)

Part of the distinguished Lawrence Collection now made available by the Irish National Archive, this image catches the people of Cashel in a tranquil mood. Even the street sweeper to the right and the woman next to the steet lamp, selling her wares, seem to be enjoying a respite. The exact year of this photograph remains unknown but the sign in Mullins' window for the G.A.A, an association founded in the neigbouring town of Thurles in 1884, suggests that it was some time after this. Use the magnifier to take a closer look at the sign. Source: NLI

Dillon Street, Tipperary Town (ca. 1890)

This photograph captures construction taking place on what was to be known as 'New Tipperary'. The scheme was thought up by Fr. David Humphreys and William O'Brien to house the tenants of local landlord Arthur Smith Barry who had been evicted for withholding their rents in solidarity with Smith Barry's tenants in Co Cork. An agreement was later reached and the tenants returned to 'Old Tipperary.' Source: NLI

Nenagh, Co. Tipperary (ca. 1900-1939)

This photo shows the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the turn of the last century in Ireland. A deliverboy darts across the road to his next delivery or perhaps he's nipping into Michael Ryan's for some refreshment. Men are loading their horses outside the Railway Hotel and the footpaths are packed with pedestrians going about their day and businessmen shooting the breeze. Source: NLI

The Square, Cahir (ca.1902-1912)

This image shows everyday life in Cahir Square before the advent of the motorcar. Men tend to their merchandise while jaunting cars pass up and down. Mysteriously, a boot unattached to a foot, crosses the road between two jaunting cars in the centre of the photograph. Use the magnifier to have a closer look. Source: NLI

Main Street, Roscrea (1961)

A smartly dressed man walks up Main Street Roscrea in April 1961. This picture captures a time when tobacco advertising was a lot more prominent, there are signs for Gold Flake cigerettes both behind the man and across the road from him. In the background, at the end of the street, a man is deliving merchandise from a horse drawn carrigage to a local merchant. Use the magnifier to get a closer look. Source: NLI