Castles & Ancient Sites in South West Ireland
Blarney Castle, County CorkBlarney Castle, County Cork

South West Ireland's Castles & Ancient Settlements

Castles & Ancient Sites in South West Ireland

From some of the world's most famous castles (Blarney Castle in County Cork) to an island monastery dating back to the 6th century (Skellig Michael in County Kerry), the South West of Ireland is home to a wide variety of ancient structures. These structures have not only stood the test of time they have gone on to represent the very essence of Ireland to people all across the globe.

On this page we invite you to have a look at South West Ireland's most well known Castles and Ancient Settlements.

South West Ireland Castles

Here's our selection of the most popular castles in South West Ireland.

King John's Castle , County Limerick

King John's Castle

Ross Castle, County Kerry

Ross Castle

Blackrock Castle, County Cork

Blackrock Castle

South West Ireland Ancient Sites and Settlements

Ancient sites, settlements and monuments in South West Ireland.

Drombeg Stone Circle, West Cork, County Cork

Drombeg Stone Circle

Hill of Tara, County Meath

Uragh Stone Circle

people walking through Brú na Bóinne, County Meath

Lough Gur