A guide to Irish Music by My Ireland Tour
National Concert Hall, Dublin CityNational Concert Hall, Dublin City


Find the best music venues in Ireland

Music is the beating heart of Irish culture and it pervades all aspects of life in Ireland today. That's true whether you're into classical music, pop and rock (where Ireland always punches above its weight) or some foot-stomping folk music that gets the blood pumping and the drinks flowing.

On this page, we have listed the major concert venues of Ireland. These range from large 13,000 seater arenas to smaller traditional pubs where a packed crowd might consist of 20 people.

Music Venues in East Ireland

  • Whelan'sDublin

  • +353 (0) 87 682 5306
  • whelanslive.com
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Wexford St, Dublin City
  • Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 5p.m to 2a.m. Friday & Saturday 5p.m to 3a.m. Sunday 5p.m to 1.30a.m.

Trad Venues in East Ireland

Music Venues in South East Ireland

Trad Venues in the South East

Music Venues in West Ireland

  • Monroe's Tavern Galway
  • +353 (091) 583 397
  • monroes.ie
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Courthouse Square, Co. Galway
  • Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10a.m to 11.30p.m Friday & Saturday 1a.m to 2.30a.m. Sunday Noon to 11.30p.m.

Trad Venues in West Ireland

Music Venues in South West Ireland

  • Coughlans Bar Cork
  • +353 (021) 496 1751
  • coughlans.ie
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Douglas St, Cork City
  • Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 2p.m to 11.30p.m. Friday & Saturday 2p.m to 12.30a.m. Sunday 12.30p.m to 11p.m.
  • Dolans Limerick
  • +353 (061) 314 483
  • dolans.ie
  • Find on Google Maps
  • St Alphonsus St, Co. Limerick
  • Open Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from Noon to 11.30p.m. Thursday Noon to Midnight. Noon to 12.30a.m. Saturday 9a.m to 12.30a.m. Sunday 10a.m to 11.p.m.

Trad Venues in the South West

Music Venues in North West Ireland

  • Club Voodoo Donegal
  • +353 (074) 910 9815
  • Facebook page
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
  • Open Tuesday, Friday & Saturday from 11a.m to 2.30p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 11a.m to Midnight.

Trad Venues in the North West

Music Venues in Northern Ireland

  • The Glassworks Londonderry
  • +44 28 7126 4132
  • culturlann.org
  • Find on Google Maps
  • Great James St, Londonderry
  • Open Weekdays 8a.m to 5p.m. Saturday 9a.m to 4p.m. (Closed Sundays)

Trad Venues in Northern Ireland