19 Unbelievable Images which capture what St Patrick's Day is all about

Photographs of St Paddy's from around the world

  1. Try dressing like this guy any other day of the year

    Albany, New York

    Dancing at St Patrick's Day Parade
    Source: Sébastien Barré on Flickr
  2. The fact that everyone smiles until it hurts

    Especially in Dublin

    St Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland
  3. The fact that playing fiddle instantly makes you cool

    Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade

    Violinist at St Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland
  4. The fact that this St Paddy's parade needs YOU!

    Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago man in St Patrick's Day Parade
    Source: Jamie McCaffrey on Flickr
  5. The fact that facepaints are obligatory

    ...Even if you're in Singapore

    Irish Facepaints
    Source: Bill Timmins on Flickr
  6. ... even if you're hairy ...

    San Fransisco, California

    Man in Irish Fancy Dress
    Source: Bhautik Joshi on Flickr
  7. ... and even if you're a dog.

    Chicago, Illinois

    Irish Wolfhound
    Source: Jamie McCaffrey on Flickr
  8. This sneaky kiss between a fireman and a Paddy's Day reveller

    San Diego, California

    A St.Paddy's kiss
    Source: Nathan Rupert on Flickr
  9. The look of sheer pride on this little guy's face

    Representing Co. Clare at the New York City Parade

    2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade, NYC
    Source: Diana Robinson on Flickr
  10. These traditional dancers showing how this national holiday has become a truly international event

    Madison, Wisconsin

    St Patrick day parade  Madison
    Source: Nhi Tran on Flickr
  11. The sheer brassiness of this outfit

    Madison, Wisconsin

    St Patrick's Day Outfit
    Source: Nhi Tran on Flickr
  12. The fact that leprechauns really do exist

    Vancouver, Canada

    Leprechaun on St Patrick's Day
    Source: Kris Krug on Flickr
  13. Arriving on a skateboard - what's not to love?

    San Diego, California

    Dog celebrating St Patrick's Day
    Source: Nathan Rupert on Flickr
  14. St Paddy's in Texas - green Stetson is optional

    Humble, Texas

    Texas St Patrick's Party in Irish Bar
    Source: Brandon I. on Flickr
  15. A straight-faced Munich parade shows the serious side of St Patrick's Day

    Munich, Germany

    Irish Parade in Germany
    Source: David Pursehouse on Flickr
  16. Go big or go home

    Washington DC

    Traditional dress at Ireland carnival
    Source: Victoria Pickering on Flickr
  17. Stormtroopers marking St Patrick's

    A galaxy far, far away

    The one on the left clearly wants to go home by this point...

    Stormtroopers mark St Patrick's Day
    Source: Gordon on Flickr
  18. Failte Japan

    St. Patrick's Day Parade Motomachi, Yokohama, Japan

    St. Patrick's Day Parade Motomachi Yokohama
    Source: Ishikawa Ken on Flickr
  19. This trad session in Moscow ... Stetson is still optional

    Moscow, Russia

    Irish music played in Moscow for St Patrick's Day
    Source: Maria on Flickr

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