Snow in Cork City Snow in Cork City

Snowmen and Igloosin Cork City

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Photos of snow in Cork After the 'Beast from the East' Storm

February-March 2018

"The Beast from the East is on the way!"

It all sounded a bit like Game of Thrones but it was the weather, as usual, that was the main topic of discussion in late February 2018. The impending Storm Emma had Ireland divided into two types of people, those who believed it was coming and those who did not. Those who believed ransacked the supermarkets and emptied them of bread. Those who did not were left in awe and bread-less.

It was scripted as the worst Irish snow storm since 1982. And it certainly lived up to the hype. Temperatures in parts of Ireland plummeted to -10C. Schools were closed and the Irish government issued a warning that members of the public should remain vigilent and 'be at home by 4pm on Thursday'.

Here at My Ireland Tour we braved the elements to bring you photos of a snow-covered Cork City, taken on the first two days of Storm Emma.

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

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