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Gareth McCormack is an Irish photographer and filmmaker specialising in landscape, travel and adventure imagery. His images have been used by many of the world's most prominent magazines and newspapers, including Time, National Geographic and the New York Times. He has also supplied images to a long list of commercial clients, including Tourism Ireland, Air New Zealand, Microsoft and Warner Bros. Gareth's style is characterised by bold and dynamic compositions, and galvanised by striking natural light. He is based in County Sligo from where he also runs photo tours and workshops.

Gareth McCormack Interview

How did you get into photography?

I travelled extensively through Asia and Australia in the mid 90s, and it was during that trip I developed an interest in photography.

What equipment do you use?

Canon DSLRs.

What are the ingredients for success within landscape photography?

Knowing how to find and use great light is the prime factor, After that, in the digital age, you need a skilled hand and critical eye in Photoshop to make the most of the capture. Unfortunately too many people overwork their images these days; the mark of a good photographer is knowing how to get the balance right.

Where in Ireland is your favourite place to shoot?

The whole western half of Ireland from the Antrim coast right through to Kerry is incredibly photogenic. If I had to pick out a single location it would probably be the Dingle Peninsula.

What do you think makes Ireland such a popular place to shoot landscape photography?

The rich variety of landscapes and light. There is always something to shoot. We also have some great built heritage: ruined abbeys, castles, Neolithic tombs.

See Gareth's work on his website:
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